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    “For the past 5 years, I have been working in the solar industry. Our installation crews very often complain about the vending machines. Either their money gets stuck in the machine, often times out of order, or just want different choices of snack. Also, our guys are on the go and away from the site for most of their day. They want snacks that are more substantial and offer more nutrition. Whether they are out in the field on a construction assignment or reporting back at the end of the day for a quick pick me up, they desire more healthier snacks too. 

    After making countless suggestions to past vending companies of items they would like to see offered, the crew saw that their requests were being overlooked. So I asked myself, if these were my machines what could I do to fulfill the customer’s needs? I collaborated with my crew and they gave me suggestions of what they would like that did not always consist of candy bars and soda. I also took in consideration the current status of our world today and how many people want to be more health conscience. I wanted to offer that balance of healthy as well as traditional snack options that would satisfy everyone while maintaining the core values of my company: providing excellent customer satisfaction  in addition to healthy, clean, and fully functional vending machines.”

    We are a start up vending company that provides its services throughout the Yuba City and Sacramento areas. We aim to provide great customer service. Crunch Time Vending is easily accessible to all businesses looking for vending services. If you are interested in receiving more information please fill out your information on our contact us page or call us at  (877) 247-8624.



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